How to Hack or Break Into a Windows XP Computer Wi
How to Hack or Break Into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password

A way that you can hack into a computer is that when you are booting the computer, press f8 and hold onto it. There should be a screen that has the following at the top: safe mode/safe mode with networking/ safe mode with command prompt. if you want to access the internet, you will have to choose: safe mode with networking.


Method 1

  1. Get physical access to the machine. Remember that it must have a CD or DVD drive.
  2. Go to and download the disc ISO in the pro and then burn the ISO onto a blank disc using an ISO writer or CD burner such as InfraRecorder, nero or UltraISO. This creates the EBCD bootable disc. This also has many other tools. You may do this on the target machine or on another machine.
  3. After you have the disk, enter the bios of the target machine and make sure that the first boot drive is the CD or DVD ROM. Chances are it already is.
  4. Boot from the disk. It should automatically load the main screen, but if it asks you to press any key to boot from the CD, do so.
  5. After it has booted, choose option number 5, the password recovery. This will guide you through a set of steps and instructions, and if you don’t know otherwise, just press enter and it will use the default options, which will work just fine.
  6. Choose the user whose password needs to be reset when you get to the list of users. Follow the instructions that the program gives you, such as type in the user name, and put the password in as the * key to just blank the password. This is much more successful than changing the password through this program.
  7. Once this is done, make sure that you write the changes to the hive and SAM files (an option the program will ask you about upon exiting).
  8. Reboot the computer and take the cd out before the computer boots from it again.
  9. Log in as that user (it will have no password if you just blanked it).
  10. You can now create a password for that user.

Method 2 If you are not a PC technician, you may consider use a [software] which needs simpler operations. Such as reset Windows Password with Windows Password Resetter.

  1. Download Windows Password Resetter from internet and install it on an available PC.
  2. Run the software and you can burn the boot program onto a blank CD or USB drive.
  3. Insert the bootable CD/USB you created into the locked computer and Reset the boot sequence from BIOS to boot the computer from the CD/USB drive.
  4. After launched the CD/USB, a window pop up with all your account names(if you have several accounts) select one of the accounts that you have forgotten its password to reset it. Click reset button you can remove the password.


  • Alternatively, if you already know the password to one account, you can change another local password through the Command Prompt. To do this go to “Start > Run” and type in “cmd” (without quotations) and press enter. When the screen appears, type (again without quotations) “net user username *” and press enter, replacing “username” with the actual username of the account you wish to reset the password for. It will ask you to enter a new password, enter the password and press enter. You will then be required to confirm this password. Do so. Then type “exit” and press enter. Job done. (This will not work if the account you know the password to doesn’t have permission to change the password of another account)
  • This CD has many other useful tools that can be used if your computer crashes, so it is a worthy investment.


  • Doing this on another computer without permission is illegal, so use this disc at your discretion. It is intended for servicemen and home users to fix a computer (or your own computer) when requested to do so by the owner of that computer.

Things You’ll Need

  • A Blank CD
  • A computer running Windows XP or NT with CD drive

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